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Many customer ask what is the difference between catalogs, magazines, booklets and calendars. Other than there obviously they do have different names for different categories. This may help:

An important first thought: All catalogs, calendars, magazines, and booklets can be almost any size and any number of pages. The following will give a brief explanation of why we call one a certain name to another.

Catalogs are usually printed to a finished size of 8.5x11" and is usually printed with a minimum of 8 pages. A 4 page catalog would be considered a brochure. Catalogs most often are used to display products to your potential customers.

Booklets are usually printed to a finished size of 8.5x5.5" or 6x9" and are always smaller than a catalog. However you can still call a 8.5x5.5" booklet a catalog to display your products or services.

Magazines are usually printed to a finished size of 8.5x11" or larger and usually have more than 32 pages. Magazines can come both saddle stitched and perfect bound as with all other products on this page. Magazines are usually editorials with ad space. The difference is usually the page number and what is printed on the inside.

Calendars are usually printed in a variety of finished sizes. However you will find the best prices if you go with 8.5x11" or 5.5x8.5".

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